Rivet Counter N Scale Gunderson Multi-Max Autorack, Canadian National/Red Logo/TTGX

TTGX 696905 - CN - Canadian National

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Stock NumberSXT32688
Original Retail Price$55.99
Body StyleScaleTrains Autorack Gunderson Multi-Max
Prototype VehicleAutorack, Enclosed, Tri-Level (Details)
Road or Company NameCanadian National (Details)
Reporting MarksTTGX
Road or Reporting Number696905
Paint Color(s)Yellow & Silver
Print Color(s)Red, Black & White
Paint SchemeRed Website
Coupler TypeType E Semi-Scale Knuckle
Coupler MountBody-Mount
Wheel TypeChemically Blackened Metal
Wheel ProfileSmall Flange (Low Profile)
Announcement Date2021-01-30
Release Date2021-12-07
Item CategoryRolling Stock (Freight)
Model TypeAutorack
Model SubtypeTri-Level
Model VarietyGunderson, Multi-Max
Prototype RegionNorth America
Prototype EraEra V: Modern (1979 - Present)
Track GaugeN standard

Model Information: The N Scale Rivet Counter series Multi-Max Autorack features maximum detail. Railroad, road number, and era specific details include:
  • four (4) body variations;
  • three (3) ladder styles;
  • two (2) types of end doors;
  • separate end door rods;
  • three (3) end sill configurations;
  • two (2) different upper and lower side panel mountings;
  • inside or outside mounted brake cylinder, brake beam, and brake rod support mounting brackets;
and much more.

Prototype History:
For many years, automobiles were carried in boxcars like other freight. The relative light weight of the cars for their size meant that these boxcars reached their volume capacity far faster than their weight limit. Loading cars through the side doors was also challenging and inefficient. End door boxcars helped with the loading, but could still only be loaded one at a time. Due to these limitations, modified flatcars, known as autoracks, began to appear in the 1960s. At first, these cars were open sided, with the cargo exposed, but later cars added the protection of aluminum sides to enclose the automobiles within.

Enclosed autoracks come in two basic configurations. Bi-level racks have a two decks: the floor of the flatcar itself, as well as one elevated deck. These cars can haul two rows of taller vehicles like vans and trucks. Tri-level racks have an extra deck and can carry three rows of conventional automobiles. Up until the 1990s, tri-level cars were far more common, but with the rise in popularity of the SUV, the number of bi-level cars has grown quickly over the past 20 years.

Road Name History:
The Canadian National Railway Company (reporting mark CN) is a Canadian Class I railway headquartered in Montreal, Quebec that serves Canada and the Midwestern and Southern United States. CN's slogan is "North America's Railroad". CN is a public company with 24,000 employees. It had a market capitalization of 32 billion CAD in 2011. CN was government-owned, having been a Canadian Crown corporation from its founding to its privatization in 1995. Bill Gates was, in 2011, the largest single shareholder of CN stock.

CN is the largest railway in Canada, in terms of both revenue and the physical size of its rail network, and is currently Canada's only transcontinental railway company, spanning Canada from the Atlantic coast in Nova Scotia to the Pacific coast in British Columbia. Its range once reached across the island of Newfoundland until 1988, when the Newfoundland Railway was abandoned.

Following CN's purchase of Illinois Central (IC) and a number of smaller US railways, it also has extensive trackage in the central United States along the Mississippi River valley from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Today, CN owns about 20,400 route miles (32,831 km) of track in 8 provinces (the only two not served by CN are Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island), as well as a 70-mile (113 km) stretch of track (see Mackenzie Northern Railway) into the Northwest Territories to Hay River on the southern shore of Great Slave Lake; it is the northernmost rail line anywhere within the North American Rail Network, as far north as Anchorage, Alaska (although the Alaska Railroad goes further north than this, it is isolated from the rest of the rail network).

The railway was referred to as the Canadian National Railways (CNR) between 1918 and 1960, and as Canadian National/Canadien National (CN) from 1960 to the present.

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ScaleTrains N Scale Gunderson Multi-Max Autorack, CN/Red Logo, TTGX 696905

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