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An alternative place for N Scale customers
to purchase merchandise.

We sell only in our Online Store, eBay, Facebook and select Local Northwest Swap Meets

We do NOT have a Brick & Mortar Store

ALL our Locomotives are USED - Some may actually be "New" - But we are selling them as USED.

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All Proceeds go to help Build the

CMRR Free-moN Modular Railroad

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1. Starting Price will usually be at the Auction Price as found in:

N-Scale Reference Guide
Complied by Jack Armstrong
Revision # 90 (25th Anniversary Silver)
Updated 6/1/17

2. Price will then be reduced each week.

3. When the Price usually reaches $29.99, the price will be reduced $1.00 per week

Any Questions - email us at:

Or Call us at 503.535.9136


If you need to see any additional photos on an item, email me.

We Guarantee everything we sell.
Your Satisfaction is #1 with us.

We Sell NEW and USED Items

We use the eBay Model Railroad Trains Grading Information:

We are in the process of adding this info.

It will be in the Specification Tab when you look at an Item's Description.

NEW = Brand New or Like New:

C-10 Mint - Brand New: All original, unused and unblemished.

C-9 Factory New - Brand New: all original, unused, may evidence factory rubs and the slightest evidence of handling, shipping and having been test run at the factory.

C-8 Like New: Complete all original. No rust, no missing parts, may show effects of being on display and/or age, may have been run.


C-7 Excellent: All original minute scratches and paint nicks, no rust and no missing parts. No distortion of component parts.

C-6 Very Good: Minor scratches and paint nicks, minor spots of surface rust, free of dents. May have minor parts replaced.

C-5 Good: Sign of play wear with scratches and minor paint loss. Small dents, minor surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.

C-4 Fair: Scratched. Moderate paint loss, dented missing parts, surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.

C-3 Poor: Requires major body repair. Heavily scratched, major rust and missing parts. Restoration candidate.

C-2 Restoration required: Restoration required.

C-1 Junk, parts value only: Junk, parts value only

Shipping - We ship by US Post Office First Class Mail
Priority Mail is also Available

If you live near Aurora Oregon, you can arrange Local Pickup and Payment

Call 503.535.9136


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